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United States prizefighter who lost his world heavyweight championship to Cassius Clay in 1964 (1932-1970)

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'The Murder of Sonny Liston' by Shaun Assael tells the story of how the former world heavyweight champion was found dead at his Las Vegas home in January 1971.
The Murder of Sonny Liston is as far from a rags-to-riches tale as you could get - but it is absolutely compelling.
The first fight between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston for boxing's World Heavyweight Championship were among the most significant fights in the sport's history.
The fight, 50 years ago, for the world heavyweight title between champion Sonny Liston and the then Cassius Clay (soon to be Muhammad All) at Miami Beach on 25 February 1964 could well be claimed as the most significant in the history of boxing (and in social awareness).
SOME years back, covering a fight in Las Vegas, I drove out to Ottawa Drive, off East Flamingo, to see the house where Sonny Liston, who lost his world heavyweight crown to Muhammad Ali 50 years ago this week, died.
Johannesburg, Feb 26 ( ANI ): American boxing legend Muhammad Ali has reportedly joined Twitter on the golden jubilee of his first heavyweight boxing title, which he won after stopping Sonny Liston at Miami Beach 50 years ago.
CASSIUS CLAY'S victory over Sonny Liston in Miami 50 years ago was the launchpad for the boxing career of the man who came to be known as Muhammad Ali - but it has now emerged that the fight was the subject of a fixing investigation by the FBI.
Miami -- Muhammad Ali posted his first Twitter message on Tuesday, 50 years to the day after he stopped Sonny Liston at Miami Beach to win his first heavyweight boxing title.
Three days later in Las Vegas the monstrous Sonny Liston hammered Floyd Patterson in just 130 seconds, four seconds longer than it took him to lift Patterson's title in September, 1962.
Even in the early days he had the confidence and words to win the fight both in and out of the boxing ring and turned to rhyme to warn Sonny Liston he wanted the world championship title back in 1964: I am the man this poem's about, I'll be champ of the world, there isn't a doubt.
(before first Sonny Liston fight, 1964) "Get up sucker and fight.
Clearly, legends can still emerge and flourish in a history-obsessed sport like boxing, and Sonny Liston is a perfect example.
Coverage includes such topics as Ali's conversion to Islam and his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War as well as bouts with famous opponents like Sonny Liston and George Foreman.
In the most important fight of his life--a win would have given him a shot at Ali, who had previously beaten Sonny Liston to claim the heavyweight crown--Chuvalo went 15 rounds with Patterson and lost in a closely fought contest that should have been declared a draw.
Born Peter Schwarze, the German artist was rechristened by teacher Joseph Beuys because of his supposed resemblance to the fight-fixing goodfella who owned heavyweight Sonny Liston in the '60s.