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The primary objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of a water flosser plus sonic toothbrush to a sonic toothbrush alone on the reduction of bleeding, gingivitis, and plaque.
in keeping with its goal of "making brushing fun" released a new sonic toothbrush that brings consumers a "fresh-out-of-the-dentist clean feeling at drug store prices," the company says.
There's a good reason why Philips Sonicare is the #1 most recommended sonic toothbrush brand by dental professionals worldwide.
Having started with a whitening gel and whitening strips, WhiteWash now has a range of products including a sonic toothbrush and a toothpaste containing antibacterial silver particles.
Design Go Battery-operated Sonic Toothbrush (pounds 9.
Smiles Better - Design Go Battery-operated Sonic Toothbrush - pounds 9.
We've got some gorgeous gifts for Mum too, including a digital camera, a top-of-the-range sonic toothbrush and Remington Gold Wet2straight Wide Straightners.
P&G had partnered with Philips to create the IntelliClean system, which pumps liquid Crest toothpaste directly on the brush of a Sonicare brand sonic toothbrush.
The Japan Dental Association warned on its website that if a sonic toothbrush, which vibrates faster than a conventional electric toothbrush, is used for too long during a single session, it may damage the gums.
If you are into your gadgets, you might like to know that the SynchroSonic Plus Advanced Action Sonic Toothbrush, pounds 39.
Johnson BD, McInnes C: Clinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of a new sonic toothbrush.
The SenSonic Plus Plaque Control System mounts the familiar Water Pik with its reservoir container on the same molded base as the SenSonic Plus sonic toothbrush.