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a Nilo-Saharan language spoken by the Songhai in Mali and Niger

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Most were Hausa, but Zarma, Songhay, Fulani and Arabs are also involved.
In "Death at Karamu," an unpublished novel that Mayfield completed around the time he moved from Ghana in 1966, a murder plot is set against the backdrop of post-independence Songhay, where, as one character puts it, there is "need for Songhay to keep her doors open to both East and West without falling into the pocket of either" ("Death").
De meme sont representes des elements choisis dans les repertoires peul, songhay, senoufo et minianka--confortant ainsi le point de vue selon lequel l'histoire de Segou est l'histoire de tous.
Yet, in the midst of the crisis, a rapprochement was reached between some Songhay and Tuareg groups.
8) See John Hunwick, Timbuktu & the Songhay Empire: Al-Sa'dis Ta'rikh al-sudan down to 1613 and other contemporary documents (Brill, 2003).
Lors de son apprentissage de la sorcellerie parmi les Songhay du Niger de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, son maitre lui avait longuement explique que << la maladie est le mode incarne >> a travers lequel << les apprentis sorciers augmentent leur connaissance et leur pouvoir >> (2007 : 158).
The universities of Jenne and Timbuktu had attained renown long before the fifteenth century; at the end of the sixteenth, ruin fell upon them; their scholars dispersed never to gather again after the collapse of Songhay.
Instead, Henley points to instances of hybridization, rather than decolonization, or what he describes as a "glossolalic combination of French and Songhay that is the distinctive language of the hauka.
17) The differences between the Songhay spirit possession and the Shi'a ritual of lamentation are important and cannot be categorized solely on the comparison between Toufic and Rouch.
Anthropologist Paul Stoller refered to Rouch's film as a "fiction derived from real events" (138) that said as much about Songhay migratory youth culture as any strict documentary might have.
To these one can add Songhay, as shown by Kameyama (1985), and Fon and Vata, as reported by Law (1993), which also lack subject verb agreement and null subjects.
O bien, como acostumbraba decir mi profesor Adamu Jenitongo, un respetado sanador de los Songhay en Niger, ?
Aun con todo, lo mas interesante -por cuanto tiene de historia exotica para nosotros--es la peripecia seguida por el morisco de Cuevas de Almanzora (Almeria) Yawdar Pacha, nombrado por el sultan de Marruecos, baja de Marrakech y que por orden del soberano Al-Mansur cruzo el desierto del Sahara con un ejercito de moriscos granadinos para conquistar el imperio Songhay (1591-1599).
Black Crescent also sheds information on Muslims in Sahara and Sub-Saharan Africa when Africa had the great western Sudanic kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, from the 9th century to the 15th.