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a Nilo-Saharan language spoken by the Songhai in Mali and Niger

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The Songhai Sustainability Project is basically an institute of agriculture and technology, whose stated mission is to aspire to develop alternatives and allow Africans to stand on their feet through agricultural entrepreneurship, in an integrated development framework enhancing agriculture, industry and services.
Have students research the West African medieval empires mentioned in the article: the Kingdom of Ghana and the Songhai Empire.
Morocco's victory over the Songhai Empire in the 16th century severely impacted the region's ability to trade and the amount of caravans crossing the Sahara gradually began to shrink.
However, Ansaroul Islam is not an ethnic-based group and also includes members from the Mossi, Bellah (Black Tamasheq), Dogons, and Songhai communities.
Ghana was extremely wealthy and powerful, although it was the smallest of the so-called golden empires including Mali and Songhai. Al Bakri, an Andalusian Berber historian and the greatest geographer in the Muslim West, is a major source of information thanks to his "Book of Highways and of Kingdoms," written in 1068.
Having taught in urban and suburban communities, when it comes to curriculum about Africa, the focus consistently highlights the accomplishments of the great ancient kingdoms such as Egypt, Ghana, and Songhai. The coverage is frequently limited to the accomplishments of kings and queens in these regions and why Africans born in the diaspora should be proud of their collective African heritage.
They escorted us to many intriguing places, one being the Centre Songhai, an institution established in 1985 by a Nigerian monk.
Historically, the ethnic groups found in the rural areas of South-Western Niger were the Djerma, Songhai, Fulbe, Maouri, Hausa, Kel Tamashek and Gourmantche.
Mali lived under the light of Muslim countries for centuries, including the Kingdom of Songhai until the Sultan of Maghreb entered an alliance with Elizabeth I of England in Britain, followed by the invasion of 1591, which led to the destruction of the Islamic civilization and the enslavement of the Malian people, such as Ahmad Baba al-Timbukti.
Selon le plan d'action sanitaire redige par les gestionnaires du district, celle-ci est composee de differents groupes: Peul, Mossi, Fulce, Bella, Dogon, Songhai et Rimaybe.
The Arabs knew of the richness of the Songhai Empire (1464-1492) and the Askia Dynasty (1493-1595); Europeans spoke of the treasures transported in caravans toward the city in the midst of the sands.
Transcurrieron casi 4 siglos hasta que el monarca de Songhai, Dia Kossoi, trasladase su corte hasta el emplazamiento de la ciudad coincidiendo con la conversion de esta al islam.
Agriculture is a weak industry, has long production cycle, low return on investment, weak fund accumulation ability, double risks of the natural environment and market conditions expand benefit uncertainty of agricultural operators (Songhai Fang, 2009) [25].
Our Director of Trade at the High Commission, Sharon Ganney, along with Songhai Advisory here in Ghana started this project by conducting a feasibility study in 2014.
In this way, whether writing about Tokugawa Japan, Safavid Iran, Habsburg Spain, Mughal India, Aboriginal Australia, Songhai Africa, or Iroquois Canada, this study blends attention to both "core" cultural and political arenas.