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any bird having a musical call


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But the figure is down 70% on the previous year's estimate of 880,000 songbirds illegally killed to provide restaurants with the main ingredient for the local delicacy ambelopoulia - a plate of cooked songbirds.
According to the report, policemen on Friday night raided two taverns in Ayios Theodoros to check for songbirds.
Many different species of birds are identified as songbirds, and they are not a monolith, exhibiting different behaviors in the face of vanishing habitat.
Songbird nests seem to have evolved backward: The most distant ancestor probably built complex, roofed structures, researchers say.
With 28 singers, led by Gail Crisp, e Songbirds practice weekly in Clifton Parish Church, accompanied by Shah Johan Shahridzuan.
John Pugh, from Llanwrthwl, Rhayader, Powys said: "It's with great sadness that I learnt about this in the North Berwyn mountains, that contractors with chainsaws have been sawing down the larder food of songbirds and endangering their survival.
A few raptors are not as important as the songbirds and must be got rid of.
Jarvis studies the molecular pathways that songbirds use while learning to sing.
Songbirds now boasts 18 members and this afternoon they will perform a five-song set on the Admiral Cabaret Stage.
The songbirds with most declining numbers are - 1 Linnet (below) 2 Lesser redpoll 3 Song thrush 4 Starling 5 Skylark 6 Yellowhammer 7 House sparrow 8 Tree pipit 9 Stonechat 10 Wren 11 Mistle thrush 12 Swallow
According to Natural England, the populations of some of the UK's resident songbirds have declined significantly since 1970: skylarks by 51 per cent, bullfinches by 56 per cent, tree sparrows by 89 per cent and corn buntings by 90 per cent.
This is the first field study to document the effect of specific adult songbird blood mercury concentrations on breeding performance; our results show that free-living songbirds can experience negative reproductive effects at relatively low mercury concentrations.
For the last couple of weeks, beginning about 4:30 every morning, the rousing, pre-sunrise chorus of songbirds has made alarm clocks unnecessary.
SONGBIRDS could be driven to "near extinction" if the big freeze continues.
The songbirds thrive in the type of forest that grows after stand-replacing wildfire, in which there are large expanses of young trees with occasional grassy openings.