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Synonyms for passerine

perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch

relating to or characteristic of the passeriform birds


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Song-bird Shirley took the ticking off in herstride and smiled sweetly at panicking groundsmen as shestepped on to the sidelines.
The former is engaged to pop star millionairess Posh Spice while Redknapp married song-bird Louise during the summer.
One deputy claimed that this would encourage people to use limesticks, which trap fewer song-birds than mist nets.
In July 1980, we featured a trio of Speke youngsters under the headline "Speke song-birds spin a way to pop stardom".
However locals referred to them as the Canaries, given the breeding of the song-birds was an important local concern, and the club introduced yellow shirts in 1907, with green elements added three years later.
It was a very pleasant life for a Roman family in the first century AD, there were even shops specialising in selling caged birds, which presumably were song-birds.
Canary breeder Eddie Million is appealing for help after all his 47 song-birds were stolen.