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a composer of words or music for popular songs

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The song writing session only lasted for 30 minutes but by the end of their time they had come up with the piece they went on to perform for JLS.
When Steve's not playing with The Searchers or being Buddy Holly, his 'other' job is being half of the song writing team at Timeless Songs with his wife lyricist Heather Taylor.
The story moves from Sedaka's early success with song writing partner Howard Greenfield to his fall from grace in the 60s after the "British invasion" changed the face of American pop music.
Anne's residents also participate in song writing activities, which consist primarily of what Jones calls "lyric substitution" - writing new, theme-centered words to familiar songs.
The truth is, she admits, there is more than enough money to be made in song writing and if you're good, there's always consistent work.
Elaine Brown's A Taste of Power fits nicely into the blues genre of African American autobiography for several reasons, not the least of which is the trope of song writing and singing through which she renders her personal narrative.
Use your new songs for skits and assemblies to increase the feeling of accomplishment that goes with a successful song writing experience.
The Continental Airlines Belfast Nashville Songwriters' Festival celebrates the art of song writing and brings together artists to perform in concert and at workshops.
Who writes the lyrics to the songs, or is your song writing process collaborative?
De-Lovely, which also stars Ashley Judd as Porter's devoted wife Linda, will use 30 songs to tell the story, which begins with Porter's childhood in Indiana and continues through his reign as America's song writing king of musicals and movies.
He even held up the release of All Pretty Horses - the film he made with Penelope Cruz - to try to develop his song writing techniques.