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an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon but actually written much later

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Rabbinic tradition "saved" this book by interpreting the Song of Songs as an allegory of the love relationship between God and Israel.
LaVere traces what she characterizes as an entirely new species of commentary on the Song of Songs that arose in a period of renewed zeal and vigor in European Christianity.
In Song of Songs 2:8--9, the female lover describes the approach of her male beloved: "The voice of my beloved
The Voices from The Song of Songs is at The Black-E Gallery until January 31 and is free.
Song Of Songs, which runs at the Swan Theatre in Stratfordupon-Avon next week, will be unashamedy erotic as a small cast of actors portrays the sizzling lines of longing in sensual movement and words.
This volume is comprised of four individual studies devoted to the poetic Song of Songs (hereafter Song).
If Song Of Songs can run close to his official rating he will be hard to beat.
While bride and woman friend are common in the Song of Songs, the reference to companions (spiln) would be worthy of study.
The Song of Songs expresses the various emotions associated with love in subtle poetry with vivid and often provocative metaphors.
That leaves Pablo Du Charmil, Clarnazar, Chiaro, Tagula Blue and Song Of Songs.
A long with some of the latest psalms, The Song of Songs represents the late flowering of Biblical poetry Although it purports to be the work of King Solomon, the language of the poem clearly dates it in the Persian period (fifth century BCE) or later.
His setting of the text from the Song of Songs illustrates this style in both the vocal line and the guitar part.
For nearly two millennia Christians (and Jews for that matter) understood the Song of Songs allegorically, but when a literal type of exegesis prevailed in the late nineteenth century, understanding the book as a series of erotic love poems, the spiritual understanding of the book was almost totally discarded.
The runner-up that day, Political Intrigue, has gone on to win both subsequent starts in the style so it will be disappointing if Song Of Songs can't win this off bottom weight.
There are few to rival the great love song of the Old Testament, called in the Bible the Song of Solomon and, in the book itself, the Song of Songs.