Song dynasty

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the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279

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com/topic/Song-dynasty) Song dynasty is typically divided into Northern and Southern periods because while it began in the year 920, it did not incorporate the southern areas of the kingdom until the early 12th century.
In this essay, I argue that China's Song dynasty was destroyed not by the skin disease of military misadventure but rather by the heart disease of an economically predatory government.
During the Shaoding era (1228-1233) of the Song dynasty there was a jinshi by the name of Pu Zongmin who held the post of prefectoral supervisor of the Wenling circuit.
Golas, a world-renowned expert on the history of the Song Dynasty, is a Professor of History at the University of Denver.
reveals a story about bravery, grief and patriotism endured in battle during the Song Dynasty.
The Phoenix Vase on the previous page is a kind of plum blossom vase that was first created in the Northern Song Dynasty.
The festival became popular in the Tang Dynasty, was established in the Song Dynasty, and celebrated as Spring Festival in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
She focuses on the five centuries comprising the Northern Song dynasty [960-1127], when the Chinese government assumed its early modern bureaucratic form; the truncated Southern Song dynasty [1127-1279], formed after the traumatic loss of China's northern territories; and the Mongol Yuan conquest dynasty [1271-1368], which reunified China and witnessed, paradoxically, the legal and cultural consolidation of the fidelity cult.
Before the Song dynasty could begin, the Tang emperor,
By the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) the potters were producing remarkable earthenware, notably the impressive models of camels and horses placed in the tombs of the departed and with the Song Dynasty (960-1279) came the age of classic Chinese ceramics.
By the time of the Song Dynasty, the Quanzhou ship, containing segmented hulls, were equipped with a navigational compass and could hold over one hundred tons of cargo.
He does not consider China's maritime activity as a static and isolated phenomenon, but carefully examines the range of factors which played a decisive role in its development and which foreshadowed the unprecedented boom in sea power during the Song dynasty.
99% Gold, 62g Protein, 2012, an egg carton made of gold-plated copper; and the famous Cola Project, 2009-12, mentioned above, for which the artist boiled down a huge amount of the popular beverage into mountains of dark residue that he has used as pigment for paintings in the style of the Song dynasty.
VanderVen drew the title of her work from the wish of Song Dynasty philosopher Zhu Xi--unfulfilled for 700 years--to bring education to "children of all under heaven" (p.
It became so popular with the public that in the 13TH century, the prime minister of the Song Dynasty, Jia Sidao, wrote a best-selling guide to the sport, and it was said that his obsession with it, to the detriment of his duties, is believed to have brought down the ruling emperor.