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any bird having a musical call


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Selecting a Changdan, a repetitive rhythmic pattern that matches with Bird, Bird, Blue Bird, among all the different types of Changdan, Semach'I Changdan fits best into the song Bird, Bird, Blue Bird.
It was hard to pick a winner but Song Bird Media flew higher than the rest.
The Song bird is Singing by Alun Trevor We were back from school.
A NEW species of bald-headed song bird has been discovered in a remote region of Laos.
Falkirk striker Steve, 27, also threw a surprise party with her friends from London for his song bird.
For those aged 14 and over, standup comedian Kate Fox is making a return to the festival, and there's also a chance to hear Cawthorne's own song bird, Kate Rusby, who is presenting an evening of folk music.
Guest judge and Pussy Cat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger said: "I told you when we saw her first - she's our generation's song bird.
You must concentrate on offering co-operation or your lady love may find another song bird who has real love to offer.
Paralimni Mayor Theodoros Pyrillis on Thursday threw his weight behind supporters of song bird trapping, warning activists against the practice that if they continue their operations in his area people will take matters in their own hands.
They include Liverpool-based African Song Bird who get pounds 9,940 for small community-based events showcasing West African art.
Amy Wadge may not be a diva, but the Welsh song bird has a healthy gay following.
Just a comment to your articles on song bird hunting and the eating of these by politician.
SONG BIRD Graceful swan on River Boyne as Oasis rock on the banks of Slane at weekend
Thomas is tiny and her voice is particularly powerful,but like a song bird, she can produce the most mournful of notes.
OASIS' new single Song Bird, released next month, features a live version of Columbia at Glasgow's Barrowlands in October 2001.