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the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279

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The Greater Song Empire defeated and annexed the local Shu Empire in near south-west China in 965, the local Han Empire in south coastal China in 971, the local Han Empire in north-west central China in 979.
The imperial troops sent by the Song Empire were defeated in 982.
Although the Greater Song Empire was not good at wars, it excelled in science and technology.
In 1126, the capital of the Greater Song Empire was seized by the Jin/Kim Empire, the Emperor of Song was captured.
In 1355, a popular revolutionary force called the Red Turban Army [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] proclaimed the restoration of the Greater Song Empire.
The studied archaic texts about the Greater Song Empire include 974-5DS, 1346-SS and 1370-YS.
The archaic text 488-SS stated that the Jin Empire had the red officiai colour, the Song Empire retained the same.
The archaic text and also the previous study (1399-MSL) stated that the official colour of the Greater Song Empire was red.
In conclusion, the official colour of the Greater Song Empire was red.
1050~256 BCE), the Chu Empire (206~202 BCE), the later phase of Han Empire (26~220), the Jin Empire and the subsequent Southern Empires (266~589), the Sui Empire (589~618), the earlier phase of the Tang Empire (618~750), the Greater Song Empire (960~1276), the Ming Empire (1368~1644), and the People's Republic of China (1949~).
The red official colour was retained by the next peacefully transformed regimes the Song Empire, the Qi Empire, the Liang Empire and the Chen Empire.
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