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a musical form having 3 sections -- exposition and development and recapitulation

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As an architectural homage to Beethoven (in the rigorously structured opening sonata-allegro and slow movement variations) and Bach (the finale is all relentless, raging invertible two-part counterpoint) it bridges the gap between the composer's questing middle period and final, full maturity.
The first movement is in an extended Sonata-Allegro form.
Three chapters on the sonatas of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven assist in understanding the evolution of sonata-allegro form while contemplating the limitations of the keyboard instruments with which those composers dealt, and their impact on the evolution of the modern piano.
He identifies the work, as he did in the second volume of his biography, as possessing a "double-structure," that is, four movements developing alongside a sonata-allegro framework.
The first of the two movements, a closely argued, energetic sonata-allegro, has occasional echoes of Hindemith; the second, a theme with variations and double fugue, combines contrapuntal techniques of awesome complexity with an emotionally charged, post-romantic style reminiscent of Schoenberg.
He reviewed forms such as sonata-allegro, rondo and variations.
The first movement, for example, "modulates away from A-major early on, establishing a position from which a sonata-allegro in A minor is the only possible outcome" (p.
As an adolescent pianist, I understood sonata-allegro form in a vague way, but it wasn't until I played the Beethoven Waldstein Sonata as an undergraduate that I became fascinated with the workings of that form.