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usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling

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Somun says that the whole Balkans should be in NATO, yet the first country to be granted full-fledged membership should be Macedonia.
Hajrudin Somun, former Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) ambassador to Turkey, emphasises that drug smugglers find it easier to operate in countries that are politically unstable like BiH and Kosovo, or that score poorly in fighting organised crime, such as Bulgaria and Romania.
Casi toda la region comprende una unidad ambiental derivada de la Meseta de Somun Cura, con altiplanicies, llanos, y escasas corrientes fluviales.
Lejla Somun, Project Coordinator, GEEP c/o IBHI-BiH, Sacira Sikirica 12, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.
In media debates, Tanaskovic stressed, "I do not agree, however, with those analysts who, like Somun and Karcic, are trying to dispute the ideological dimension of neo-Ottomanism, declaring it as, might be, a certain ontological pragmatism.
11) A large discussion on the economic data of the five Balkan countries can be found in El ouardighi and Somun (2007).