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Synonyms for summer

the season occurring between spring and autumn


Synonyms for summer

the period of finest development, happiness, or beauty

spend the summer

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Sommer and his hunting partner were looking for an elk they had been calling Monday morning when they came across the grizzly bear, reports said, citing Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Chief Information Officer Greg Lemon.
announced on Tuesday the appointment of Friederike Sommer as senior vice president in a bid to compete with the global life sciences industry and extend their market reach to the EU and beyond.
Pogba came close to the opener when Sommer spilled his effort onto the top of the bar then Sommer denied him again when he superbly turned away his drive.
Advisors should prepare for this new rule becoming reality," says Sommer, who visited ThinkAdvisor's New York office.
In a relatively short argument (just over 100 pages of large type on 5'' by 7'' pages), Carl Sommer attempts to demonstrate quantitatively through data and qualitatively through observation that an "anticulturalism" mindset in our nation has resulted in a demise in moral education of students in our public schools.
Renate Sommer, the Christian Democrat shadow rapporteur on Turkey, was unequivocal in underlining that the corruption charges of last December, which shook the country and led to the resignation of four ministers, have not been properly investigated.
Company owner Franz Sommer and son Bjorn Sommer visited the Liebherr plant in Ehingen at the end of August to take possession of their new flagship, the 6-axis LTM 1300-6.
The Country Mouse and the City Mouse" as retold by Carl Sommer is part of a multiple award winning educational series called Sommer Time Stories Classics.
WORCESTER -- Players come and go, but one thing never changes about the Worcester Sharks -- coach Roy Sommer.
According to Martin Sommer, IMF mission chief for Qatar, the risk of overinvestment could be reduced by adopting a comprehensive public investment management framework.
When Sommer Putt was born with only half her heart working her mum was given a stark choice - risk years of surgery or take her home and watch her die.
Umea researcher Marius Sommer found the result after taking experienced athletes perform specific rhythmic movements in time to a metronome for four weeks.
Before World War II, she married violinist Leopold Sommer and gave birth to their son Raphael in 1937.
Sommer stressed that "these somatic findings are too strong to allow classification" of these patients with fibromyalgia as having a somatoform pain disorder.
Advance Realty announced that Michael Sommer has been named managing director of Community Development.