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one of a series of similar body segments into which some animals are divided longitudinally


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The long dactylus of the third maxilliped that overreaches the tip of the propodus and the subtriangular telson wider than the sixth abdominal somite are unique features that clearly support that P.
The similar deactivation of the sonic hedgehog expression was also found in the 4-12 somite period of human embryos.
Four dpf larvae were pre-incubated with abah, then performed an injection in the muscle at the 4th-6th somite from the cloaca with 20 nl PBS, 13 nl IL-8 recombinant protein at 5.
The first heartbeat and circulation were observed 09 h 10 min AF, coinciding with the observation of 32 somites on the axis of the notochord, more easily seen at this stage.
The Occipital somites migrate normally, but because of agenesis of first arch, they are unable to form musculature in cases of aglossia.
Sound production was associated with tail-lifting behavior, suggesting that stridulation occurs on thoracic and/or abdominal somites.
Studies in knockout of Nog shows abnormalities in the neural tube and the somites and mandibular defects ranging over a range of phenotypes from the mandibular hypoplasia, passing through an intermediate phenotype micrognathia (poor formation of the jaw) to agnathia (absence of mandibular formation) (88,89).
Somites 3-5 with 1 pair of dorsolateral processes directed ventrally, somites 2-5 with 1 pair of posterodorsal setae, also with posterolateral processes, these especially well-developed in somites 3-4.
Chith somites have been used to simulate the neural differentiation of human neural progenitor cells.
5, followed by widespread expansion into almost all developing organs including brain, heart, liver, somites, and branchial arches (Abbott et al.
Improper formation, migration, differentiation and union of somites results into segmental vertebral abnormalities.
We have counted the notochord cells, which were lying between three somites and an average was taken by counting the cells from at least three embryos from each group.
12 hours after the 8d14hr treatment time, embryos have 13 to 20 somites.