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antihistamine used to treat allergic responses (as rhinitis or dermatitis or pruritus)

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In order to sleep while Frank had the TV on all night, Dan started taking Sominex.
These "patent medicines," as they were called, were very popular and included many brands that would still be recognized in modern times including Campho-Phenique, Ex-Lax, Grape-Nuts, Listerine, Pond's Extract, Sominex, and Vaseline.
To some it's like gulping down a fistful of Sominex.
Antidepressants such as Prozac - may cause increased drowsiness with sedatives such as Nytol and Sominex.
I'm just a bit timid about the fact I might, in a moment of sominex delicti, blow my unconscious head off.
For others of us, well, Sominex is a whole lot more efficient.
And, unfortunately, there are no easy, "Take two Sominex and call me in the morning" solutions.
The same could be said of the school system, where sex education classes could pass for Sominex.
Crest, swallow two Sominex tablets, and try desperately to fall
Another of your mockup covers featured Alan Greenspan, who would send readers to the kip faster than Sominex.
Others, for example insomnia antidotes like Benadryl and Sominex, also appear in breast-milk but can potentially cause infant drowsiness or irritability.
At a German pharmacy, right next to brands like Sominex and Nytol, you find OTC herbal sedatives containing valerian.
It was Sominex from the spell-blinder," wrote McGrory.
A raft of research firms around Indiana can help Sominex those nightmares.