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a county in southwestern England on the Bristol Channel

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an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

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James Holt McGavran, "Xanadu, Somersetshire, and the Banks of the Wye: A Study of Romantic Androgyny," Papers on Language and Literature 26, no.
Our evaluation gun is an obviously superior piece, made by George Clough of Bath, Somersetshire, around 1820, the beginning of Britain's Regency Period.
To further complicate Ellen's life, in July 1875 Georgina Chads, one of John Henry's daughters by his first marriage, arrived in Melbourne aboard the Somersetshire.
She volunteered in her father's parish, Northstoke, Somersetshire, instructing village children in catechism.
9) These movements were also criticised by the people held in quarantine, as one anonymous author from the quarantined ship Somersetshire noted in August 1871: 'I cannot see what advantage a system of quarantine can be if any person whatever is permitted to come and go between the persons supposed to be secluded and the public.
George church in Somersetshire who, suspected of seditious conspiracy, "was put to the rack and examined .
1970 Somersetshire and other foreign building stone in medieval Ireland, Ulster Journal of Archaeology 33: 63-75.
40TH--THE 2ND SOMERSETSHIRE REGIMENT 1823-1829 The Excellers.
29) The second, published in 1628, was an adaptation of sermons preached by the popular Puritan writer Richard Bernard of Batcombe, Somersetshire, entitled "Ruth Recompense.
Howley Cotterill, 8b Cotton Mead, Corston, Bath, Somersetshire, BA2 9AU
And even though they belong to the unknown Wensleydale branch of the Delavel family, rather than the Somersetshire tribe, Lady Catherine has to do her Christian duty.
His narrative starts with the central character seeking an exilic refuge in the Somersetshire countryside, where he is never seen as victimized by the unmentioned but inescapable racism and colonialism of his chosen, but never totally accepting or accepted, countrymen and women.
His native town of Odcombe, Somersetshire, betrays a most un-Italian locution.
The young goldilocks may cause hearts to flutter throughout 18th-century Somersetshire but he fails to do anything for me.
At first glance, this book about the Shepton Mallet Prison, Somersetshire, England, seems to be an odd collection of disconnected accounts about the prison's 400-year history.