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a county in southwestern England on the Bristol Channel

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an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

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For, remarkably enough, Margaret Harbin too, like her sister Anne, had married a Somersetshire gentleman with close links to Rochester: Sir Francis Warre, half brother of the poet's wife and one of the executors of his will.
Ebsworth remarks, 'We know little of him except that he belonged to Watchat [sic] in Somersetshire, and wrote a fair number of ditties, sometimes signed in full, sometimes by his initials, and sometimes with an acrostic of his name.
Boom And Bust ought to be able to go one place better than last year in the Somersetshire Conditions Stakes.
During the night of the 29th a child was foully murdered at Road, near Frome in Somersetshire, under circumstances of the most mysterious character," the paper said.
Xanadu, Somersetshire, and the Banks of the Wye: A Study of Romantic Androgyny.
The title-page shows that he intended to write his "life" in two volumes covering the period 1803-1815 but only the first volume, describing his military service in the Somersetshire Militia from 1803 to 1807 has ever been found.
East Coker is a Somersetshire village from which, in the seventeenth century, one of his ancestors, Andrew Eliot, went to America.
1962--Prehistoric ancestors of the weapons which brought England victory at Crecy, Poitiers & Agincourt: Neolithic Long-bows of 4500 years ago found in the Somersetshire peat--The Illustrated London News.
The geographical proximity of the cities above suggests that in July-August 1592 one troupe was travelling round the south-west including Gloucestershire (Gloucester), Somersetshire (Bath and Bristol), and Hampshire (Southampton and Winchester).
The f eatured Hugo Boss Somersetshire Stakes can go to MEDICEANMAN (6.
In the same years, George Byron writes: "As for Italian I am fluent enough, even in its Venetian modification--which is something like the Somersetshire version of English--and as for the more classical dialects, I had not forgot my former practice during my voyage.
Our evaluation gun is an obviously superior piece, made by George Clough of Bath, Somersetshire, around 1820, the beginning of Britain's Regency Period.
East Coker is a Somersetshire village from which in the seventeenth century one of his ancestors, Andrew Eliot, went to America.
To further complicate Ellen's life, in July 1875 Georgina Chads, one of John Henry's daughters by his first marriage, arrived in Melbourne aboard the Somersetshire.
Headstones in Harbour Buffett show that Thomas Bendle came from Hampshire, and that Thomas Harm came from Montacute, Somersetshire.
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