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a county in southwestern England on the Bristol Channel

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an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

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Somerset County Council reportedly deals with the legal ramifications of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing on its network, including copyright infringements, sharing of confidential information and downloading of illegal web content.
Mr Barber was employed by Somerset County Council as a maths teacher at a comprehensive school.
August 2003: Welshman Chris Davies, former corporate director of social services at Somerset County Council, takes up his post as Cardiff's group director of social care and health.
The Richland County Public Library in Columbia, South Carolina, has announced a partnership with the Brisbane City Council Library Service in Queensland, Australia, and the Somerset County Council Libraries, Arts and Information Service in the U.
But now a Somerset County Council Highways Inspector has given her 10 days to remove them.
Somerset county council is working in partnership with a provider of a learning disability service in somerset to transfer their whole service to a new, forward thinking provider.
The parents of the girl, 19 - known only as P - put her into respite care with Somerset county council for two weeks last year while they went on holiday.
SOMERSET County Council declared a "major incident" for all areas affected by flooding in the county.
Construction company Skanska announced on Friday that its current contract with Somerset County Council for highways maintenance has been extended for a further year and will now run to March 2016.
The boy was taken from his mother by Somerset County Council this week after she pleaded guilty to assaulting him.
The cars will be tested by Somerset County Council, Wessex Grain, Avon and Somerset Water and Wessex Water as part of the Somerset Biofuel Project.
Surrey, UK-based networking company Fordway Solutions has announced that it has implemented a Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure for Somerset County Council.
Judge Cotterill described Andrew Milton as a paedophile, a spokeswoman from the Somerset County Council said.
A spokeswoman from the Somerset County council said, 'Mr and Mrs Milton returned to Wellington without the baby and declined to provide any information in respect of the baby.
SOMERSET County council has launched an investigation after a newspaper published pictures which appeared to show that road workers had painted a white line straight over a dead badger rather than move it off the busy road.
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