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English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)

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Owen Sheers has published two poetry collections, The Blue Book and Skirrid Hill, which won a Somerset Maugham Award.
My biography of Somerset Maugham (2004) discussed the influence of Joseph Conrad's Victory (1915) on Maugham's underrated homosexual novel The Narrow Corner (1934).
Nol Coward and Somerset Maugham even featured it in their writings.
This portrait of the artist as middle-aged drop-out was first disseminated by William Somerset Maugham in his popular novel The Moon and Sixpence, published in 1919, nearly 16 years after Gauguin's death.
If we think of Somerset Maugham today it is in terms of the East: the sweaty lands of Empire and rubber plantations, second-class steamers and adventurers in lagoons and gentlemen's clubs.
The riviera is no longer a " sunny place for shady people" as Somerset Maugham had described it.
Her latest effort focuses on the accomplished, complex, and sometimes pitiable life of renowned British author Somerset Maugham.
The Razor's Edge , Somerset Maugham Having spent a good part of my life outside the country, I can easily relate to the character of Larry Darrell who came to India on a quest of self-discovery and realisation.
Empires of the Indus has already won a Somerset Maugham award and the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Foundation Special Prize for Non-Fiction.
Somerset Maugham, a 1920s comedy in which the playwright takes an ironic, yet sympathetic view of marriage and the rights of women as they appeared in the years between the two World Wars.
British author William Somerset Maugham, who died in 1965: "Dying is a very dull and dreary affair.
THE PAINTED VEIL (12A): Ed Norton and Naomi Watts star in the third silver screen adaptation of the W Somerset Maugham novel.
Somerset Maugham on whose novel this is based, and you get a stunning cinematic experience.
Somerset Maugham, was after all, one of the 20th century's most successful writers.
He is the author of A Good Man in Africa, which won the Whitbread Literary Award for the Best First Novel in 1981 and a Somerset Maugham Award in 1982.
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