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English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)

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Philip Marsden's books include The Crossing Place: A Journey Among the Armenians (which won the Somerset Maugham Award), The Bronski House, The Spirit-Wrestlers - and Other Survivors of the Russian Century (winner of the Thomas Cook Travel Book of the Year Award), The Chains of Heaven: an Ethiopian Romance and the novel The Main Cages.
Two quotes on the front pages almost say it all--'The greatest tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love' from Somerset Maugham, and the dedication 'In memory of all the brave young men who went to war'.
Only when one looks at the discreetly concealed notes does one realize the breadth and depth of her research into the long and complicated life of William Somerset Maugham.
TO JUDGE FROM THE FATE OF WILLIAM Somerset Maugham, a writer who wants to escape the attention of biographers cannot do worse than to ask his friends to burn his letters.
Somerset Maugham and Arthur Ransome were staff members of MI6.
If we think of Somerset Maugham today it is in terms of the East: the sweaty lands of Empire and rubber plantations, second-class steamers and adventurers in lagoons and gentlemen's clubs.
The riviera is no longer a " sunny place for shady people" as Somerset Maugham had described it.
Quienes seran llamados beatniks, en las costas norteamericanas del Atlantico y del Pacifico, fastidian a un caballero al que conocen de oidas: "Estabamos entorpeciendo el funcionamiento normal del ascensor, y nos dijeron que Somerset Maugham, el famoso escritor, estaba que echaba chispas por ello.
Empires of the Indus has already won a Somerset Maugham award and the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Foundation Special Prize for Non-Fiction.
Somerset Maugham of one of his stories (which in turn became a classic Bette Davis movie in 1940), Teachout and Moravec's "opera noire" receives its premiere July 25-Aug 18 at Santa Fe Opera in a production directed by Jonathan Kent.
Auden and his friendships with Virginia Woolf, Aldous Huxley, and Somerset Maugham, and describes his experiences in the film industry in London and Hollywood.
Somerset Maugham, a 1920s comedy in which the playwright takes an ironic, yet sympathetic view of marriage and the rights of women as they appeared in the years between the two World Wars.
Aldous Huxley, DH Lawrence and Somerset Maugham all have walk-on parts, but mostly this is a well-written account of ill-behaved toffs.
British author William Somerset Maugham, who died in 1965: "Dying is a very dull and dreary affair.
Tercera version cinematografica de la novela homonima (publicada en 1925) del quasi gran novelista britanico Somerset Maugham, Al otro lado del mundo (The Painted Veil, China-EU.
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