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a county in southwestern England on the Bristol Channel

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an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

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The company, based in Somerset, England, then sent the pieces in an "inspiration box"--along with the 2013 book Made to Last: The Story of Britain's Best-Known Shoe Firm--to 14 British-based artists and designers.
The proposed reactor will be just 150 miles from the Irish coastline in Hinckley Point, Somerset, England.
The Shapwick Project was a ten-year archeological investigation into settlement and landscape history in Somerset, England.
The place is the third system that is using innovative EPR technology, which will also be used at the Hinkley Point C Program in Somerset, England.
These brands are manufactured at C&C's cider manufacturing plant in Somerset, England.
The patty is made from Japanese Waygu beef infused with 10-herb white truffle butter and topped with hand-made cheddar cheese, cave-aged for 18 months by cheese maker James Montgomery of Somerset, England.
Royal Navy sailor from Clevedon, North Somerset, England, recently set a new world record by being the first person who is visually impaired to complete the 600-mile trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.
Frank, who would have been 89 next month, died of a heart attack at Yeovil Hospital in Somerset, England after a bout of pneumonia weakened him.
Maybe you'd like a sip from one of the three ancient cups recently discovered in a cave in Somerset, England.
PREVIOUS SPREAD: Lavender field at dawn, Somerset, England, by Antony Spencer.
For example Cheddar in Somerset, England, is visited for its cheese production.
Central to her analysis of transatlantic movements is the Barbadian slave, Betty, and her son, Thomas Helyar, who was sent by John Helyar to brother William Helyar of Somerset, England.
We had some long rallies and I knew he was very tired," the Egyptian said, who attributes his greater mental strength to working with Jonah Barrington, the six times former British Open champion who coaches him at Millfield school in Somerset, England.
He is now retired and lives in rural Somerset, England, but has been a frequent visitor to the United States advising many choirs.
Born in 1913 in Somerset, England, Edward Beauclerk Maurice, like thousands of men before him, joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1930.
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