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Synonyms for dude

an informal form of address for a man


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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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I ended up jumping in a mini-van with some dudes from Oklahoma.
I don't know, If you want to, It's not like there's some dude who owns it.
This is to some dude in Clarkston, Michigan, named Matt Elliot, who tried to talk shit on my friend Wez Lundry in your February Mail Drop, and is trying to convince us that he knows more about skating than the rest of us.
The next call came from Jamie Thomas, telling me that they had met up with some dude at the airport that claimed to be Jason Jessee's substitute.
Why put a sculpture of some dude on the top of a quarterpipe?
Some dudes who are drawn to you will be lighthearted flirty types, but there just might be a more serious crush n the mix.
In Eugene, dude, some dudes not only look like ladies, some ladies look like dudes.
Some dudes who hang out at the Banana Farm don't even skate.