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Regulation of development by nutrition and by the somatotrophic and thyroid axes in the neonatal pig.
Estradiol inhibits plasma somatostatin 14 (SRIF-14) levels and inhibits the response of somatotrophic cells to SRIF-14 challenge in vitro in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss.
3) On the other hand, the environment, pre-natal and maternal factors, diseases(hyperpituitarism affecting somatotrophic hormone, hyperthyroidism and hypergonadism), nutrition, socio-economic status, climate, etc.
A model of intrauterine growth retardation caused by chronic maternal undernutrition in the rat: effects on the somatotrophic axis and postnatal growth.
According to their study, a potential mechanism of bone loss in depression involves concurrent activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and sympathoadrenal axes, suppression of the gonadal and somatotrophic axes, high interleukin-6 and low leptin levels.
Morphometrical and ultrastructural analyses of hypophyseal cells from adult monkeys fed a protein-restricted diet containing 10% protein have shown a decline in the number of somatotrophic, lactotrophic, gonadotrophic and tireotrophic cells.
An experimental evaluation of auricular diagnosis: The somatotrophic mapping of musculoskeletal pain at ear acupuncture points.
Women had to be over 70 years of age, non-institutionalized, functionally independent and free from diseases or medications known to affect the musculo-skeletal system or the somatotrophic axis.
The recent studies have been indicated that the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in relation with genes of the somatotrophic axis are associated with performance traits in dairy cattle.