postcentral gyrus

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the convolution of parietal lobe that is bounded in front by the central sulcus

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Somatosensory areas have been added to the parietal cortex, and the posterior parietal cortex contains areas related to visual guidance of reaching and hand use.
The strips of cortex were situated in the dorsomedial region of the somatosensory area which includes the disgranular portion of SmI (van Brederode et al.
In cats, the area of maximal activation during an evoked potential study was found to be located bilaterally within the anterior sylvian sulcus between the facial somatosensory area and the auditory cortex.
Gaser k Significant positive correlation between musician Schlaug status and grey matter volume in the primary motor (2003) area, primary somatosensory area, PMA, the temporal gyrus bilaterally, left cerebellum, left precentral gyrus, left Heschl's gyrus, right superior parietal cortex, and left inferior frontal gyrus.
Virtual reality has been shown to produce analgesic effects through modulation of sensory and emotional aspects of pain processing with reduced activity demonstrated via fMRI in areas such as caudal anterior cingulate cortex which is involved in the emotional aspects of pain; the somatosensory areas, involved in registering location and intensity of pain; as well as the thalamus and insula (Hoffman et al 2004).