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the middle germ layer that develops into muscle and bone and cartilage and blood and connective tissue

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Consequently, developmental constraints might have determined the development of the Osedax symbiosis in the somatic mesoderm.
In Osedax the trophosome--developed only in females (Rouse et al., 2004)--is formed by bacteriocytes and nonsymbiotic cells lying between the body wall muscle layer and a peritoneum in the ovisac and root region; thus it is derived from the somatic mesoderm (Katz et al., 2011).
Somatic mesoderm. Outer walls of a series of cavities developed from two mesodermal bands during polychaete larval development; it gives rise to the somatic musculature and the somatic coelomic lining that consists of muscle cells or peritoneum (Anderson, 1966; Fransen, 1988; Westheide and Rieger, 2007).
In Osedax the bacteriocytes belong to the somatic mesoderm (Katz et al., 2011).