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therapy based on the assumption that restoring health is best accomplished by manipulating the skeleton and muscles

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Sit/stand at the foot of the table on the side of somatic dysfunction.
This guide details the use of positional release therapy (also known as strain counterstrain) to treat patients with acute and chronic myofascial or somatic dysfunction.
6) Chiropractic labels it a subluxation, osteopathy labels it somatic dysfunction, and manual medicine labels it fixation or functional blockage.
Following are chapters on the basic sciences, including the five models of osteopathic treatment, concepts of anatomy, the fascial systems, somatic dysfunction, and physiological rhythms, among other topics.
Considering that the medical approach can be unproductive if it is not integrated by a more comprehensive approach that takes into account the philosophical meaning of psychosis and of the self, Ver Eecke convincingly states that schizophrenia is not reducible to an exclusively somatic dysfunction.