Solway Firth

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a large firth on the west coast of Britain between England and Scotland

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Nine days later they floated out onto the vast estuaries of the Solway Firth.
The Unesco World Heritage Site stretches from the Solway Firth in the west to Wallsend on the river Tyne in the east.
13 The Solway Firth partly divides England from which other country?
Burns - also known as the Ploughman Poet, Robden of Solway Firth, the Bard of Ayrshire and in Scotland simply as The Bard - is Scotland's favourite son who was a poet and lyricist.
The Svalbard barnacle goose, which overwinters in the Solway Firth, saw numbers plummet to just 300 by the 1940s but the population recovered to some 30,000 today.
High tidal ranges (the difference in height between low and high tides) at three prime sites at the Mersey estuary, Morecambe Bay and the Solway Firth provide the Northwest with a rich tidal energy resource that can be used to create green energy.
He follows the course of the wall from Solway Firth on the west coast to the North Sea on the east.
The contract, valued at over EUR25m, covers the installation of cables for connecting the Robin Rigg Wind Farm in the Solway Firth to the National Grid.
The article by Kevin Halloran in the June issue is by no means the first suggestion that Brunanburh was fought at Burnawick Hill north of the Solway Firth.
But that's shore fishing on the Isle of Whithorn, a tiny remote village seaport at the tip of The Machars, an historic peninsular reaching south from Scotland's Galloway hills to the Solway Firth.
Riddick, a 28-year-old Strathclyde University student, is a former Southerness champion and has been a member at the Solway Firth club for 12 years.
Last night, officials fighting the epidemic sweeping Dumfries and Galloway apologised to the public following complaints about carcasses of slaughtered livestock being loaded in full view of the busy coast road to top holiday area on the Solway Firth Coast.