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something that is inhaled

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a medication to be taken by inhaling it

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15, kicking off the celebrations by holding the centre's annual Solvent Abuse Awareness For Everyone (SAAFE) walk.
Inhalant and Cocaine Abusers with Subcortical Abnormalities, by Brain Region Affected Solvent Abuse (n=50) Cocaine Abuse (n=51) Basal Ganglia 11 (22%) 1 (2% Cerebellum 21 (42%) 9 (18%) Pons 20 (40%) 5 (10%) Thalamus 5 (10%) 2 (4%) Note: Table made from bar graph.
The 1980s saw the biggest epidemic of solvent abuse but it had been steadily going down until now.
all the way to Ottawa to bring a message to Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) Minister Robert Nault that the solvent abuse problem on-reserve needs to be addressed, and soon.
A year later, all but five of the 18 teenagers treated at Poundmaker's had returned to solvent abuse.
Darlene had been in Ashgrove from July 2009, but there were four incidents of suspected solvent abuse before her death.
Our society is blighted by such other "drugs" as alcohol, solvent abuse and tobacco that kill as many people as does drugs.
Solvent abuse is possible with a range of organic solvents (which means it isn't water), some being worse than others.
Young people will also benefit from a near-pounds 10,000 grant to Solve It Merseyside, which will pay for an education programme about the dangers of solvent abuse.
Malcolm Davis, of solvent abuse charity Re-Solv, said: "We have been contacted regarding this problem.
Youth workers today said solvent abuse is a hidden menace that kills more people than ecstasy every year.
Regina Solvent Abuse Action Committee, Regina: Regina Community Strategy Responding to Chronic Solvent Abuse.
Owners of shops must act more responsibly and make sure their staff receive training in recognising items that can lead to solvent abuse and other dangerous activities.
alert New research shows Kirklees youngsters are still endangering their lives every day with solvent abuse
Jessie Moorhouse, of the Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society, which helped pay for the project, said: "In graduating from the Dare programme, the year six children at Shrubland Street Community Primary School will have learned and gained invaluable confidence to be able to say no to the pressure of drugs, alcohol and solvent abuse.