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the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 until 1945


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Nordau to conclude that the solution to the Jewish problem was the return to Zion.
Police chief Reinhard Heydrich was the architect of the "final solution to the Jewish problem" and widely considered to be the most dangerous man in Germany after Hitler himself.
1896: Herzl's The Jewish State was published: The publication of the book was a call for a political solution to the Jewish problem - the creation of a Jewish State.
Given "a solution to the Jewish problem," i.e., an isolated colony, European culture will continue healthily "according to its own great evolutionary laws."
In a 1940 essay for the pro-Nazi newspaper Le Soir, de Man, then living in occupied Belgium, stated, "One can thus see that a solution to the Jewish problem that would lead to the creation of a Jewish colony isolated from Europe would not have, for the literary life of the West, regrettable consequences." In 1988, when de Man's wartime writings became public, Derrida defended his friend, contending that de Man was compelling us to think the unthinkable - the erasure of Jews en masse from Europe.