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the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 until 1945


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Making a comparison between Herzl's national solution of the Jewish question and Bernar Lazar's universal vision, Arendt writes:
Auschwitz was built by the Nazis regime in 1940 and became the largest centre for the extermination of Jewish people during the so-called "final solution of the Jewish question.
July 31 Adolf Hitler's right-hand man Hermann Goring orders Reinhard Heydrich, commander of Nazi police, to find "a total solution of the Jewish question.
the site of the greatest mass murder in the history of humanity, committed against the European Jews, as part of Adolf Hitler's plan for the complete destruction of these people, his dreaded "Final Solution of the Jewish Question.
Wistrich seems to date the beginning of the Final Solution to Goering's order to Heydrich on July 31, 1941 regarding organization of the total solution of the Jewish question in the occupied territories (p.
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