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the dissolved matter in a solution

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Although the intermolecular attractive power of a hydrogen bond reaches only about one-tenth that of the covalent bonds that link the atoms within a molecule, the weaker bonds help determine such important properties as a liquid's boiling point, viscosity and ability to dissolve specific solutes.
Thus, the first stage in the procedure of precipitation from a solid solution consists in the development of segregates of solute atoms which comprise stable region having a chemical composition dissimilar from the average composition of the solid solution.
HHS grant funding will be used to fund research and development of implantable self-powered load sensors for knee replacement health monitoring and to research perivascular transport of solutes from the brain.
The [(PPBPDMA) and (PPCPDMA)]-solute interaction parameters of the different solutes, I2a, at infinite dilution were defined using the following equation:
The purpose of this contract is to provide medicines, solutes and nutrition products.
The mobility of solutes in the soil is inversely correlated with their sorption to the solid fraction or with the conditions of the medium, since they favor the precipitation of the ions.
The major drawback is that we were forced to work with single solutes because TDR does not distinguish between different solutes.
a) Crypts of luschka in the mucosal folds of gall bladder, (7) which reduce the smoothness of mucosa lining, making it uneven, thereby forming a potential nidus for deposition of bile solutes, when they exceed their solubility.
Cette hausse s'explique par l'augmentation du chiffre d'affaires des formes liquides hospitaliers de +58% suite au redemarrage de la ligne des solutes pour perfusions' en poches et l'augmentation du chiffre d'affaires a l'export de +34%.
However, copper's benefits are limited beyond 800 C, where it instead solutes into the steel matrix.
In the application of IGC method for the surface characterization of solids, the probe solutes are injected at infinite dilution into column packed with polymer material.
Most mechanistic transport models for solutes in porous materials are based on the convection-dispersion equation (CDE).
In this situation, the brain can compensate for the decrease in sodium concentration by adjusting the organic solutes in the brain to promote a loss of water and reduce brain edema (1, 2).
9] Functional measurements indicate that AQPs transport not only water, but also urea, glycerol and other small solutes.
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