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Synonyms for sol

a colloid that has a continuous liquid phase in which a solid is suspended in a liquid

(Roman mythology) ancient Roman god

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the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization


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References in classic literature ?
Therefore, and much to my regret,"--here he paused and glared at Sol Witberg--"in each of these cases I am compelled to give the defendant the benefit of the doubt.
The court, thus, was faced with two conflicting statutory interpretation rules: the Gould rule, which applies generally to tax statutes, and Badaracco, which applies to SOLs involving tax revenues.
Therefore, if a return was filed on April 1, the SOL will begin to run on April 15.
Shenker launched the restaurant after a very public split with his brother-in-law, Meyer Samotin, a former partner at Sol Meyer NY Delicatessen, just down the road from Shenker's new space.
Born with Down's syndrome, Sol had been whisked to the Royal Victoria Infirmary and the Freeman straight after birth, as doctors discovered he had atrial septal defect, a condition which stops the blood from flowing correctly around the lungs, as well as pulmonary hypertension.