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a coil of wire around an iron core

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Tenders are invited for Supply of cat a bosch elect spares: Armature Qty-01, Pre/Pole Housing Nos 01, Solonoid Switch Nos 01,Assy Electric Feed Pump Nos 03
D 8 Check Valve Seat 9 O Ring 10 Gasket Flange 1 Inch 11 Gasket Flange 3/8 Inch 12 Percent D3 Ring 13 O Ring 6 Inch 14 Dessicant Element 15 Solonoid Valve 16 Repair Kit For Drain Valve 17 Repair Kit For Purge Valve.
Tenders are invited for Wiring Harness From Rotary Switch To Solonoid Bank Of Motor Grader Bg-825 Sl.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Ord Stores,Lv7/Mg 31220m73020 Solonoid Switch Assy (Lu-26964033-A) (Dlp),Lv6/Mt14 2610-001590 Tube Inner Pneu 355/90-20 With Valve,