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(Old Testament) son of David and king of Israel noted for his wisdom (10th century BC)

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Sister Guila's Solomonic quandary is rendered exquisitely and sets the stage for the novel and the appearance of Esther, who remains captive and narrates the saga of the thirty girls.
Between them will be founding co-director David Rowland's production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle (July 24-26), Brecht's huge, Solomonic parable, which will feature NMFI students alongside Silverthorne's professional acting company, and which promises to stir "echoes of contemporary unrest in the Ukraine and other former Soviet states.
Above all, however, centralized and magnificent expression was given to the monotheistic religion of Israel through the erection of the Solomonic Temple in Jerusalem.
An ancient eight-letter inscription dating back to King Solomon's reign in Jerusalem some 3,000 years ago was deciphered by a researcher from the University of Haifa, shedding light on the Solomonic kingdom's impressively sophisticated administrative system.
In order to break the stalemate, the European Commission came up with a Solomonic proposal, and the parties finally accepted to finance this sum out of the EU's Solidarity Fund in two tranches: 250 million will be covered by redeployments within the 2013 budget and the remaining 150 million will be applied towards the 2014 budget.
He "tailor[s] his protagonist Alonso Quixano in strict compliance with the Siete Partidas prescription for the perfect knight and then set[s] him loose like a bull in a china shop," and he has the squire Sancho Panza "use outdated language from the Fuero Juzgo but also make Solomonic decisions on legal matters" (51).
SOLOMONIC DECISION Testimony from voice-recognition experts has been ruled inadmissible in the trial on the grounds that it was impossible to tell from the brief, poor-quality recording whether it was Martin or Zimmerman.
Moderation for liberals is either Solomonic or mathematical: Split the difference evenly or count the votes, exalt the average, tolerate a bit on either side, and lop off the right one almost entirely.
Farkash, who has evinced massive anger at Israeli police for damaging the artifacts in the course of inspecting them, has suggested he might pursue the Solomonic route (his analogy) and order them destroyed.
But in the first chapter alone, Kershaw jumps from Bede's depiction of Edwin as a Solomonic king, to the obliteration of pagan associations between rule and peace with the Christianization of Rome's ceremonial geography, to the adoption of those Roman ideals in some scant form through Augustinian awareness and potential rejection of them, and the shaping of the Vulgate and associated commentary, to liturgical associations between peace and rule in prayers and the state of peaceful kingship outside the Pax Romana.
Forgive me if I do not hold my breath; the Bishop is consulting precisely the kind of people who have reduced the Church to its present morass and I anticipate no eruptions of Solomonic wisdom from such quarters.
But what about the Solomonic temple, which was attached neither to the palace nor to the city gate and as described in 1 Kings: 6-7 was no mere chapel?
Filled with the Solomonic texts of the Bible, along with lesser-known magical texts and other writings, this book challenges both religious and secular assumptions.
Just when you think there is nothing new that could possibly be added to the history of baseball, John Thorn, the long-acknowledged sage of baseball past and recently-crowned historian of Major League Baseball present, comes along and turns that Solomonic wisdom on its head.
While Wyden's agreement focuses on increasing forest health projects and protecting old growth, DeFazio is suggesting a Solomonic "divide-the-baby" solution.