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the southern Solomon Islands that since 1978 form an independent state in the British Commonwealth

the northernmost islands are part of Papua New Guinea

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This process has been surprising not only in how quickly many Solomon Islanders have become digitally savvy, but also in rapidly emerging moral debates that pit the ability to stay in touch with family and friends against the dangers of immoral behaviour, especially sexual promiscuity, and of malevolent sorcery.
These included crew from two Solomon Islander vessels who dived from their ships' rigging in Sydney harbour (Referee, 1 April 1903: 6; Referee, 26 January 1916: 16), surfing displays by Ellice [Tuvalu] Islander sailors in 1912 (Sun, 28 December 1912: 7) and a Fijian cricket team that participated in swimming races, displays and a surf rescue in 1907 (Bulletin, 19 December 1907, 24; Referee, 11 December 1907: 4).
Table 1: Brief comparison: Solomon Islands and Australia (National Geographical Society, 2008) Items of comparison Solomon Islands Australia Population 472,000 20,351,000 Official languages Melanesian pidgin, English, Indigenous 120 indigenous languages, various languages, English immigrant languages Rate of More than 80% of unemployment Solomon islanders 4.
4%) to certain strains from Solomon Islanders (Mel 4, 8) but were only 97.
Indeed, while RAMSI has been successful in creating short-term stability, it is simultaneously undermining Solomon Islander capacities for longer-term peace.
Asian Pacific Islander Chinese Hawaiian Filipino Samoan Japanese Guamanian Asian Indian Carolinian Korean Fijian Vietnamese Kosraean Cambodian Melanesian Hmong Micronesian Laotian Northern Mariana Islander Thai Palauan Bangladeshi Papa New Guinean Bhutanese Ponapean (Pohnpeian) Borneo Polynesian Celebesian Solomon Islander Ceram Tahitian Indochinese Tarawa Islander Indonesian Tongan IwoJiman Trukese (Chuukese) Javanese Yapese Malayan Maldivian Nepali Okinawan Pakistani Sikkim Singaporean Sri Lankan Sumatran
North Walian Allen upheld that tradition in fine style as he overwhelmed Warren - the only Solomon Islander boxer in Manchester - to win under the 15-point rule.
When the company withdrew their office in 1973, he decided to stay on and became a naturalized Solomon Islander in 1978.
Like the Solomon Islander, I grew up in a village--in my case in the south west of England.
Journeys in a Small Canoe: The life and times of a Solomon Islander.
Keesing provides the example of two descriptions of the Kwaio, the first by a district officer and the second, twenty years later in 1967, by a young Solomon Islander working in the colonial administration.
Every agency is now led by a Solomon Islander, the number of staff in the sector has increased and the Government is prioritising the need to address the shortage of magistrates.
Because of this, SINPF, through grants and technical support from the UNCDFF-PFIP, developed the youSave product, a product that offers an opportunity for the informal sector workers in Solomon Islanders to enjoy the benefits of saving for their retirement.
Through this project, thousands of rural Solomon Islanders will find it easier to manage, save, and grow their incomes better by having access to simple, fast payments and transfers.
One of our clearance divers summed it up pretty well when he said that for us the war finished 70 years ago but Solomon Islanders have been living with it ever since.
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