Solomon Guggenheim

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United States philanthropist


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His accounts of his grandfather Solomon Guggenheim begins with the museum's founder's achievements and family interactions and tells stories of the institution's evolution within and outside the family.
He provides biographical accounts of his grandfather Solomon Guggenheim, the museum's founder, his cousin Harry, Solomon's successor, and his flamboyant cousin Peggy.
Perhaps the most famous is the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York which overlooks Central Park and is instantly recognisable for its spiral access ramp built around a 90ft-tall circular empty space.
En 1979 el Solomon Guggenheim Museum de Nueva York organizo una gran retrospectiva del artista para conmemorar su ochenta aniversario.
Gifts from Andrew Carnegie, John Jacob Astor, Solomon Guggenheim, and the Rockefellers led to Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, the Guggenheim and other museums, and the United Nations.