Solomon's seal

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a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles

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Wildflowers: Bloodroot, Trillium, Solomon's seal (Polygonatum), Shooting star (Dodecatheon)
Solomon's Seal for leprosy; caladium pressed to bites
Peonies show off two or three to a vase overlooked by curving branches of solomon's seal in silvery bottles.
Solomon's Seal is my favorite Appalachian herb today.
Solomon's seal, Epimedium, and hostas grow in the shady areas, while a blend of grasses, Ceanothus, and a strawberry tree goes in drier, more exposed places.
Two Leaf Solomon's Seal Maianthemum canadense is the smallest of the group growing 5-15 cm (2-6 in) tall.
1895: Solomon's Seal, daisies, Sweet William, Bleeding Heart, are among the familiar plants and shrubs of the period.
While hiking in the Catskills we were treated to a wonderful display of wildflowers: spring beauty, painted trillium, red trillium, trout lily, and Solomon's seal lining the path the whole way.
Gary McLardy reports many germander speedwells, Solomon's seal and wild privets at Lifeboat Road, Formby.
HOE borders to discourage weeds and open the soil but take care to avoid slicing off shoots of perennial flowers which are late to appear, such as Solomon's seal and lily-of-the-valley.
New shrubs, including Manhattan euonymus and helleri holly, and perennials, such as Solomon's seal, purple coneflower and King Alfred daffodil, have been planted to beautify this relaxing park.
Wild Ginger May Apple Bloodroot Spring Beauty Pepper Root Primrose Solomon's Seal Toad Trillium Pussy-Toes
Calla Lily Lily of the Valley Wild Ginger May Apple Jack in the Pulpit Bloodroot Spring Beauty Dutchman's Breeches Grape Hyacinth Pepper Root Jacob's Bleeding Heart Iris Lupine Primrose Solomon's Seal Toad Trillium Pansy Pussy-Toes Columbine Coralbells Oriental Poppy Shooting Star Lavender Peony Ladder Buttercup Coreopsis Dianthus Dead Nettle Armeria
"Companion" plants that indicate a good site include Jack-in-the-pulpit, bloodroot, Solomon's seal, jewel weed, galax, trillium, wild yam, hepatica, black cohosh, and wild ginger.
It is worth checking your Solomon's Seal and Aquilegia at the same time as these also can be attacked by host specific sawfly.