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any of three successive temples in Jerusalem that served as the primary center for Jewish worship

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Chawlhmun [Mizoram], December 28 ( ANI ): Tucked away in the lap of nature surrounded by lush green landscape, the Solomon's Temple, the biggest Church in Mizoram, is now open for public.
Solomon's Temple in Mount Moriah - the center of worship for the Kingdom of Judah was later destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians in 587 BC.
Jerusalem's significance, for instance, lies in the fact that many important events in the Hebrew Bible are believed to have transpired there: from Abraham's near-sacrifice of Isaac to the rise of King David, the building of Solomon's temple, and its restoration following the Babylonian captivity.
The well-rehearsed major events in the emperor's life are brought to life with firsthand accounts and family remembrances previously unknown to most Ethiopianists: the slab hewn from bedrock beneath Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem upon which Haile Selassie knelt when he was anointed during his 1930 coronation at St.
Newton had an interest in the Temple of Solomon that lasted more than 50 years, says Morrison, and wrote an unpublished manuscript A Treatise or Remarks on Solomon's Temple, Introduction to the Lexicon of the Prophets, Part Two: About the Appearance of the Jewish Temple, probably from the middle 1680s to the early 1690s.
History is replete with such colossal constructions of religious structures from Solomon's temple to the Taj Mahal which is a tomb and to the Ram Temple to be constructed.
6) Similarly, Martin Buber sees in the calves at Bethel and Dan nothing more than "an improvement on the brazen oxen which carried the basin in Solomon's Temple and served as the throne for the invisible Diety.
Solomon's temple stood for almost 400 years until Babylon's Nebuchadnezzar, in 586 B.
However, with the Babylonian sack of Jerusalem in BCE 586, Solomon's Temple was destroyed and the Ark disappeared.
Inferno--which premiered in Miami and later toured biennials and festivals in Sao Paulo, Berlin, and Sydney--riffs on a replica of Solomon's Temple currently under construction in Sao Paulo by a neo-Pentecostal congregation, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.
He also revealed that Jewish organizations had called the world's Jews today to flow to the Aqsa Mosque, claiming it is the site of the ancient Solomon's Temple.
Lavender is one of the holy herbs used in the preparation of essence in King Solomon's temple.
This attractive, colorful, sturdy, hardbound children's atlas includes large two page map spreads titled Abraham Leaves Home, The Exodus from Egypt, Solomon's Temple, Jesus in Galilee, Jesus' Last Days, and Paul Brings Good News.
Vecchione was a former treasurer for Solomon's Temple Lodge AF and AM, in Uxbridge, and a member of the Uxbridge Rod and Gun Club.
Empire audiences won't have to bring an umbrella, although stage and lighting effects will recreate the burning of Solomon's temple as jealousy and destruction drive the king to madness.