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a city in west central Germany noted for cutlery

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"Boker Solingen is still the core, or the heart of it all," explained Marc.
The book is divided into four parts: the first unfolds the coalitional arguments; Solingen then applies this framework to regime type, regional institutions, and regional security trajectories.
Turkish Consul General in Cologne Mustafa Kemal Basa also said during the event that the Solingen fire did not only attack the Genc family, but it also attacked German democracy, he said.
Solingen accepts the conclusions of Mansfield and Snyder that democratization is a conflictual process, with a plethora of log-rolling coalitions domestically.
Five members of one family died when right-wing youths set fire to a house in Solingen in 1993.
I think he has done a great deal to promote the twin town relationship between Blyth, Solingen and Ratingen."
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- On the 20th anniversary of the deadly Solingen fire that killed five Turkish people in Germany, the executive director of the American-Jewish Committee (AJC), David Harris, said that German diplomats called him immediately after the tragedy occurred to tell him that it was Turks, not Jews, who had been targeted in the attack.
Blyth Valley Council community officers Clare Wood and Jill Scantlebury travelled to the borough's twin towns of Solingen and Ratingen.
Etel Solingen has undertaken, in this edited volume, a potentially useful and difficult, though ultimately flawed, task, namely, to relate what she calls the political economy of national scientific communities to the political and economic situation of the states in which they are embedded.
Blyth Valley Council welcomed visitors from Solingen, its German twin town, to talk about a new programme of exchanges.