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a city in west central Germany noted for cutlery

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For the houses 10 (new construction and reconstruction) as well as 6-01 there is a preliminary planning of the city Solingen.
The book is divided into four parts: the first unfolds the coalitional arguments; Solingen then applies this framework to regime type, regional institutions, and regional security trajectories.
Five members of one family died when right-wing youths set fire to a house in Solingen in 1993.
Two are foreign brands Chubbsafe and Mosler and the rest are local brands Solingen, Cassa, and Sargentsafe.
Solingen accepts the conclusions of Mansfield and Snyder that democratization is a conflictual process, with a plethora of log-rolling coalitions domestically.
Solingen states that neo-realism cannot account for the absence of war in the Korean peninsula since the 1950s.
Prior to coming to Solingen for advanced instruction, Waseem Haider, 26 years old, and Rawat Khan 31, worked there as 2 instructors in mechanics.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The 20th anniversary of the deadly Solingen fire that killed five Turks in Germany was marked with calls for media and politicians to be more sensitive about the issue of racism and praise for the Turkish family targeted in the arson attack for acting with calm and common sense after the tragedy.
Sealand Newyork, Phutai-19, Styliani, Faith, Stadt Solingen, Inlaco Brave and Bunga Allium are currently occupying berths to load/ offload containers, rice, cement, sand crush and edible oil.
The sword bears the mark Solingen, a German city renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords.
Founded in 1769 in Solingen, Germany, PUMA knives have been distributed in the United States since 1957.
Referring to a racist arson attack which killed five Turkish people in the German city of Solingen in 1993, he said: "We don't want a new Solingen.
import, distribution, warehouse, marketing and sales operations for the high-end cutlery maker in one national distribution network, controlled by the Solingen, Germany-based Wusthof for the first time.
Glass fiber and staple fiber blades, available from Mozart AG, Solingen, Germany, offer high reliability and excellent stability under load results from the use of high quality, special alloy strip steel and stringent process quality controls.
Specifically, Solingen wants to know why, in defining their nuclear industries, Argentina emphasized the participation of its national private firms, whereas Brazil favored state-owned enterprises and joint ventures with foreign firms.