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the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid

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One representative cooling curve from a bismuth-containing alloy and an integration of that curve were used to determine the liquidus and solidus temperatures, Table 1 shows the experimentally determined liquidus and solidus temperatures measured for bismuth-containing alloys and the database values for the leaded and lead/bismuth-free alloy compositions.
The heating for recrystallization at temperature lower than solidus temperature achieves, in fact, lower grain size, but the heating up to the semisolid state introduces new mechanisms as coarsening that leads to a bigger grain size, but this new grain is, still, smaller than that produced by EMS [9].
Applying the selected parameters of induction heating, the computed temperatures did not exceed the solidus temperature of copper pipe and also the brass solidus temperature.
It is a general principle of igneous petrology that water lowers solidus temperatures of the mantle.
e,low], the recalescence, R, solidus temperature, Ts, graphite factor 1, GF1, graphite factor 2, GF2, cooling rate at solidus, d[T.
This point is assumed to be at the position where the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid pool can no longer deform the solid shell of the ingot into good contact with the mold, probably occurring when the ingot surface temperature falls to some 100 [degrees]C below the solidus temperature.
2% indium, the pasty range of the alloy will change and could result in a solidus temperature around 120[degrees]C, which is problematic for any high-temperature application.
Zircon sand, which exhibits low expansion, was used to modify the expansion profile of the molding aggregate and therefore change the core dimensions at the critical or solidus temperature of the adjacent metal.
Strain rates next to the spherical ends were even slightly negative around solidus temperature when the mold was preheated to 644F (340C).
The finite elements analysis of the FSW process allowed the estimation of the maximum process temperature; the value of this temperature is around 550[degrees]C, temperature that is inferior to the solidus temperature of the AA6061-T4;
Character of heating curves 1-3 proves that as amount of component TiCrSi in the alloy increases, solidus temperature increases from 820 to 870 [degrees]C, and liquidus temperature--from 970 to 1020 [degrees]C.
According to the model, the maximum shrinkage porosity (volume fraction) possible is equal to the density at the solidus temperature minus the density at the liquidus temperature, divided by the density at the solidus temperature.
In heating of parts in the process of isothermal brazing above solidus temperature of the BFA contact melting of the material depends upon rate of the depressant diffusion into liquid and solid phases of a joint.
During the solution treatment process step, near the solidus temperature, copper and magnesium-rich phases derived from the casting process go into solution again.