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Synonyms for solidarity

Synonyms for solidarity

an identity or coincidence of interests, purposes, or sympathies among the members of a group

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a union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group

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Speaking in his office in Gdansk, the Baltic port city where he first found fame as leader of the Solidarity trade union, Walesa said the Polish government wanted him to harness his experiences to help in north Africa.
Former Polish President and founder of the Solidarity Trade Union Lech Walesa said Europe needed Turkey as an EU member because of the vast opportunities the country offered.
Nevertheless, threatened by the increasingly large and coordinated protests (by 1981, Solidarity had more than 10 million members, nearly every worker in Poland), authorities did clamp down on the popular movement, imposing martial law in December 1981 and dissolving the Solidarity trade union less than a year later.
They included Lech Walesa, who led anti-communist protests in Poland as the head of the Solidarity trade union, and former dissidents.
Pivotal figures from the era that ushered in the collapse of communism in eastern Europe, such as ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Lech Walesa, who led anti-communist protests in Poland at the head of the Solidarity trade union, will take part in commemorative events around the once-divided capital on Monday.
The price paid by Father Popieluszko was very high indeed," Walesa, the co-founder of the Solidarity trade union, told a news conference.
According to the Solidarity trade union, 'If the treasury minister sells Enea to RWE, we will go on strike.
Initial reaction from the Solidarity trade union was very cautious,reflecting their fears that the sale of the yards could still lead to job cuts and possibly the eventual end of shipbuilding on Poland's Baltic coast.
The government held tenders in May in its search for an investor to save the Szczecin and Gdynia shipyards, which along with the nearby Gdansk yard were the cradle of the pro-democracy Solidarity trade union which helped topple communism in 1989.
a, the head of the Solidarity trade union in Huta Buczek, said that around 170 people had been fired when Buczek Automotive went into receivership.
In instructing the IPN to obtain documentation from foreign archives, to interview leading world figures of the time including Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev--and to ask more historians for their views on the military clampdown on the Solidarity trade union, the court found itself being praised by the defendants and slammed by politicians on the right, who are desperate for the Communists to be saddled with the responsibility for repressing the largest antigovernment movement to emerge in any country behind the Iron Curtain.
The former leader of the historic Solidarity trade union which peacefully toppled communism in Poland in 1989 has repeatedly denied the allegations and was officially cleared of any wrong-doing by a special vetting court in 2000.
There has been speculation that agents from Bulgaria helped plot the assassination attempt because of that country's ties with the Soviet KGB, which reportedly was alarmed by the Pope's support for the Solidarity trade union in Poland.