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Synonyms for solidarity

Synonyms for solidarity

an identity or coincidence of interests, purposes, or sympathies among the members of a group

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a union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group

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Instead they place informal social controls before government--honor, status evaluation, customary and Christian moral codes and gossip--and focus on more local institutions like family, neighborhood and confraternities as the key solidarities upon which most significant power was based in daily life.
Impressively, however, issues like agency, self fashioning, networking and building of solidarities, the power of words and gestures, the differing perceptions of time and space, that often offer the opportunity to spin off into jargon-filled reveries, here are presented in a clear, engaging fashion and yet with considerable depth.
Its ethical foundation is in its process, and the author draws on Nancy Fraser's appeal for a shift from `monological' to `dialogical' forms of discourse, founded on `norms of collective solidarities expressed in shared but non-universal social practices'.
For one, it implies a symbolic reclaiming of historical solidarities, and the facilitating role played by India in the anti-colonial and postcolonial contexts.
Communal institutions and solidarities suffered under the onslaught of a centralizing monarchy, war, rationalizing religion, and even town planning.
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