Solidago canadensis

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large North American goldenrod having showy clusters of yellow flowers on arching branches

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maculosa Annual forb Grassland -USA Alliaria petiolata Biennial herb Hardwood Forest, North America Oenothera panciniata Annual herb Coastal sand dune-Japan Sapium sebiferum Perennial tree Hyric forest-USA Solidago canadensis Perennial herb Chongming Island, China.
A biosystematic study of the Solidago canadensis (Compositae) complex.
Trirhabda borealis Blake (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae): a major phytophagous species on Solidago canadensis L.
1983), working with Solidago canadensis in Ontario, conclude that severe chewing damage caused by population outbreaks of Trirhabda beetles can reduce goldenrod density.
Physiological integration among intraclonal ramets in Solidago canadensis.
Potvin and Werner (1983) showed that differences in competitive ability between two other closely related composites, Solidago canadensis and S.
Thirty plant species occurring in the cemeteries that are commonly found in prairies from Illinois to Ohio include Andropogon gerardii, Anemone virginiana, Antennaria plantaginifolia, Arnoglossum atriplicifolium, Calystegia spithamea, Carex meadii, Carya tomentosa, Ceanothus amerieanus, Celastrus scandens, Cirsium discolor, Comandra umbellata, Desmodium caneseens, Elymus virginicus, Euphorbia corollata, Helianthus hirsutus, Lactuca eanadensis, Lobelia spicata, Lysimachia lanceolata, Monarda fistulosa, Rubus occidentalis, Rudbeckia hirta pulcherrima, Silphium integrifolium, Smilax lasioneura, Solidago canadensis, Symphyotrichum leave, S.
hirsutus, Monarda fistulosa, Smilax lasioneura, Solidago canadensis, and Symphyotrichum cordifolium (sagittifolium).
5% cover per plot were selected for further analysis: Euthamia graminifolia, Solidago canadensis, S.
Generally, the grass species planted is presently the dominant species along with Solidago canadensis, a common native prairie species that enters most fallow fields, prairie plantings, and other disturbed habitat in the Southern Till Plain Natural Division (Kessler et al.
In addition, total annual net primary productivity (ANPP) of the perennial Solidago canadensis - the dominant species in untreated reference plots - had greatly increased in former nutrient-enriched plots by the 3rd yr of liming (Brewer et al.
If the current fire regime is maintained, both Solidago juncea and Solidago canadensis should continue to maintain or increase in dominance in these grassland areas.
Mesic old fields are typically dominated by such plants as Bromus inermis, Dactylis glomerata, Daucus carota, Elaeagnus umbellata, Festuca elatior, Geum laciniatum, Lonicera maackii, Rosa multiflora, and Solidago canadensis.
pilosus, Cirsium discolor, Euthamia graminifolia, Oenothera biennis, Solidago canadensis, and Vernonia gigantea.