garbage collection

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the collection and removal of garbage

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The implementation of optimized firmware in the SX300 results in full utilization of the NAND Flash components, which translates to maximized storage capacity: a 7% increase over other solid state drives that use a SandForce controller.
This notebook also includes an embedded TPM security chip that protects data in email as well as information on the solid state drive for security-conscious users.
Intel makes its first mSATA small form factor solid state drives - the 310 Series
Despite lingering uncertainties around the economy, IDC remains positive on the outlook for SSDs and believes the trajectories for shipment and revenue growth are a source of optimism moving forward," said Jeff Janukowicz, research manager, Hard Disk Drive Components and Solid State Drives at IDC.
It's a solid state drive meaning files can be transferred at lighting fast speeds.
5" SATA - microSATA Hard Disk Adapter; a SATA - Blade-Type Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter; 1.
com)-- Solid State Drive (SSD) is an alternative to the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage device.
Transcend(R)), a worldwide leader in memory and storage products, today announced a new addition to its SSD family, the SSD18C3 Portable Solid State Drive.
At Solid State Drive summit (SNW), vendors made the following news:<p>The Storage Performance Council rolled out a new benchmark -- the SPC Benchmark 1/Energy -- which tests larger, more complex configurations.
Lenovo has showcased a solid state drive for storage and server systems that can hold up to 8TB and is the size of a memory stick.
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