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the careful juxtaposition of shapes in a pattern

the act of adorning with mosaic

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As good as solid modeling is for a design engineer, it's even better for a manufacturing engineer/NC programmer/machinist.
Here's how 3-D solid modeling has changed Computer Designs' procedures.
Medical-device manufacturers increasingly have been using solid modeling and RP because the technologies often eliminate the need for production prototypes.
Solid kernels--Rather than re-invent the wheel by continuing to develop their own proprietary solid modeling functions, however, most CAM-centric software vendors license solid modeling technology from third-party developers.
About the time its engineering department made the decision to go with solid modeling, Value Plastics also became a "paperless" company.
Since the benefits of solid modeling in mechanical engineering often are not fully manifest until the geometry is passed to downstream applications, such as finite element analysis or numerical control (NC) machining, an important aspect of a solid-based design strategy is data transfer.
Highlights of CADkey 97 include solid modeling and improved rendering.
The biggest benefit we have derived from solid modeling is the reduction in the amount of physical prototyping we do," Iannucci said.
Two new products that could speed up solid modeling are the first new products to come from the joint development and marketing agreement signed in July between Aries Technology, Lowell, Mass.
The Initial Graphics Exchange Specification previously offered only limited support for solid modeling.
Increasing use of solid modeling, sophisticated 3D graphic rendering, and even animation will enhance designers' ability to understand the form and function of the objects they are representing on-screen.