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the axle of a self-propelled vehicle that provides the driving power

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Vehicle Evaluation During Sustained Solid Axle Tramp, Part 1: New Testing Methods and Novel Approaches to Data Analysis," IMECE2015-51822, 2015, In Proceedings of IMECE 2015, ASME.
There are two things to consider: If your GM car has a solid axle, the differential carrier can be replaced without removing the differential.
Fiat Doblo JTD ELX Price: pounds 10,629 Insurance group: Four Mechanical details: Four cylinder 1910cc 100 bhp turbodiesel engine, five-speed, powered rack and pinion steering, ventilated front disc and rear drum brakes, independent front coil springs and struts with rear solid axle and leaf springs.
There are a variety of designs, including coil spring, longitudinal leaf, transverse leaf, torsion bar, MacPherson, Christy, and solid axle.
So at the back, the Cherokee maintains a solid axle suspended on three links and coil springs for maximum articulation in severe off-road situations.
Then workers install a solid axle with a drive shaft that leads to a transfer case at the back of the transmission.
The vehicle features a Strange Engineering four-inch solid axle with nine-inch aluminium third member, 40-spline gun drilled axles, shocks with adjustable compression and rebound and an anti-roll bar and upgraded rear axle mounting points.
The front suspension on both models comes straight from GM's pickups, whereas the rear suspension is a solid axle on coil springs.
As before, the solid axle rear suspension has four links, coil springs, and a Panhard rod.
The disadvantage of that solid axle only really becomes apparent either if you're carrying a lot of weight in the back or travelling over really, really rough roads.
At the rear, the new Mustang eschews the LS's independent suspension design for a solid axle.
It also has Mopar K-Member and strut suspension geometry at the front and a four-link suspension, complete with a Panhard bar and a solid axle, at the back.
Quadrasteer is a rear steering system that looks an awful lot like the front end of a solid axle truck--complete with steering knuckles, rack and pinion steering gear and steering rods.
The suspension still delivers eight inches of travel as is found in the solid axle vehicles, but because the design packages better, the extra space is used to reduce front overhang.