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Synonyms for particulate

a small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter that remains individually dispersed in gas or liquid emissions (usually considered to be an atmospheric pollutant)

composed of distinct particles

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It is speculated from this study that average health has close linknkage with path ways of solid aerosol population.
Following pool wise trend pattern of identified elements in solid aerosols is given in Table 1 and 2.
For the confirmation of interactive relationship between solid aerosols and environment co relationship was also established.
Air samples containing solid aerosols were collected using Kimoto high volume air sampler from selected areas of Faisalabad.
In order to determine trace elements through solid aerosols in the Faisalabad.
Pool wise Identification of elements in solid aerosols trend
In order to know which region had lighter trace element concentration in solid aerosols loadings than the others.
Problem of solid aerosol pollution is a complex problem of air pollution due to complexity and heterogeneity of solid aerosol compositions.
Because of this complexity characterization of these solid aerosol, provides insufficient information about its origins and potential hazards.
The results obtained from an investigation of solid aerosols in the Industrial city of Faisalabad (Pakistan) are reported and analysed in this paper.
X-ray diffraction studies of the various solid aerosols pools (residential, industrial, transportational, commercial and mix pools) showed that non- clay organic compounds such as GB-Naphthylbismuth dioxide, Sodium hippurate, Sodium-GA-naphthylamine-4- sulfonate tetrahydrate, Potassium phenoxide, Bismuth salicylate, Cadmium salicylate hydrate, Barium phenolsulfonate are contained in most of the samples in almost comparable amounts.
Recently a global air monitoring programmer for the study of solid aerosols (suspended particulate matter) was conducted by the World Health Organization as a part of the Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS).
Comprehensive analysis of solid aerosols can be assessed only on the basis of adequate data collected at properly selected sampling stations, using well defined sampling procedures along with analytical techniques It is preferable to conduct both physiochemical and biological monitoring and correlate their results to evaluate an integrated approach for air pollution control.
Total (18) Solid Aerosols (suspended particulate matter) samples were collected from different pools of Faisalabad city using Syntax Map Method.