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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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Then Chris Killen almost got New Zealand ahead as he rattled the crossbar with a solid shot from 12 metres following another Leo Bertos free kick.
Since the laser does not use any kind of solid shot like the cannon, it can be used to better defend populated areas without the fear of the "20mm shower" that conventional air-defense guns cause when their bullets fall back to earth.
But on Saturday she produced a solid shot effort of 14.
A rare case of an almost purely amateur film that has a solid shot of cablecasts after a certain roll through the fest circuit, pic makes up in authentic feeling what it lacks in documentary skill.
Falkirk stalwart Scott MacKenzie is nearing the end of his testimonial season but shows few signs of wear and tear and his driving run and solid shot brought the best out of Stewart again.
Indeed, the smallest gun I think might deliver enough shock for a brachiosaur to notice would be a Civil War field piece loaded with solid shot.
However, adding another star to their roster would certainly give them a solid shot to be a contender in the postseason.
He got up at eight, but Duggie jumped straight back on him to drop him again with a solid shot.
But I was really unhappy with the way I hit my backhand today, which is normally my most solid shot so that's something I'll look to work on.
Coming down the 18th I knew Gordon was behind me and Mike too, so I just wanted a good solid shot in and just give myself any kind of opportunity for birdie, then post a score and just see what goes on elsewhere.
A solid shot found the heart of the green and Neale rolled in a ten-foot birdie putt to post a clubhouse lead of two under par.
Straight from the kick-off a solid shot from Primrose's Blake Burlinson was expertly turned over the bar by the Rangers keeper.