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a law officer appointed to assist an attorney general

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If her grade is higher than mine, then I will resign as Solicitor-General.
Attorney General Michael Mischin today announced Peter Quinlan SC as the new Solicitor-General to provide the State with legal and constitutional advice, and appear in the High Court and other courts in litigation to which this State was a party, or in which this State intervened.
Joel Smith, for the Solicitor-General, argued the sentencing judge 'erred' in letting George off so lightly.
Mr O'Brien, who is the government's Solicitor-General, said: "I was strongly in favour of the bill and was one of the people who took the view that we really needed this piece of legislation to prevent the very unpleasant, nasty stuff I've seen put out by BNP and others where they try to get round the Race Relations legislation by attacking people on the basis that they are Muslim.
an officer learned in the law, to assist the Attorney-General in the performance of his duties, to be called the solicitor-general.
He noted that the Solicitor-General Department, which announced the study, said in a news release that Alberta jails are already the most cost-effective to run in Canada.
The same happened in the late eighties with Ontario Solicitor-General Ian Scott.
The OSG's 16-page pleading, signed by Solicitor-General Florin Hilbay, said that Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) which defines and penalizes the offense should be struck down as unconstitutional for violating the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech and the non-establishment clause.
The DPP or Solicitor-General will now be able to be removed from office or suspended on no pay or part pay, in appropriate circumstances.
Manmohan Singh, here on Monday in the wake of Solicitor-General Gopal Subramaniam offering to resign after being upset with the government's move to appoint a private counsel to defend the Telecom Ministry in the 2G case in Supreme Court.