contract killing

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a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer

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in june 2009, a month after her arrest, Jocelyn skipped trial and was advised by her public defender not to challenge the charge of solicitation of murder.
Possible charges to be considered include the common law offences of treason, incitement to treason, solicitation of murder and incitement to withhold information known to be of use to police.
Lund later received two years for solicitation of murder.
He used to be evasive and euphemistic about the open solicitation of murder, for bounty, on the grounds that ayatollahs had feelings, too.
Joshua Miceli, 23, of the 1N600 block of Park Boulevard, is charged with two counts of solicitation of murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.
Incredibly, the chronicle of events and actions included murder, solicitation of murder, attempted bribery, supression of evidence, alteration of the crime scene, and the control, manipulation, and use of the media for propaganda purposes.
When those techniques failed, the Mob resorted to threats, extortion, physical intimidation and the solicitation of murder to further their goals, they added.