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a coil of wire around an iron core

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These students worked alongside their science and engineering teachers, Curry faculty, and doctoral students to manufacture solenoids, a generator, a motor, and a speaker in order to understand the science behind these historic inventions.
Auto Business News-June 12, 2017--T&X Auto Parts to launch 70 new solenoid switches
Wings, flaps, rudders and landing gear use our solenoids. We've got product on ships, deep ocean submarines, tanks and almost everything flying: missiles, helicopters the International Space Station.
It consists of two solenoids: solenoid 1 made from copper pipe of 28 mm diameter and 100 mm length and solenoid 2 made from copper pipe of 18 mm diameter and 50 mm length.
The next option would be to use electronic solenoid valves and implement wireless control.
The values of B for solenoids S1, S2, S3 are obtained from measurements with a Hall probe along the length of the beam.
The factory currently makes one million solenoids a year and this production will be shifted to a sister plant in Zhuhai, China, which was opened two years ago.
Now the 53-year-old dad-of-four is working on his Super Solenoid - a breakthrough technology which can be used to power medical devices such as pacemakers for a lifetime.
Two of the most common devices used to convert these programmed instructions into mechanical actuation are solenoids and motors.
You can order new solenoids without NSNs directly from Oshkosh Truck Corp.
Up to 32 solenoids with a full range of pneumatic accessories are available.
As the substrate travels beneath the printhead, a controller signals solenoids within the printhead to eject drops of ink, forming characters in a dot matrix pattern on the substrate (in this case, extruded rubber).
The standard magnetic trap of the Ioffe-Pritchard type that is widely used in atomic physics consists of a magnetic quadruple with two solenoids at its edges.
Although his company had made industrial solenoids, relays, and other electrical components for years, their new Equalizer would be designed from scratch.
Mecalectro solenoids for industrial security applications enable fast-moving, electrically-controlled action for various locking devices and mechanical signaling.